The cost of keeping a child into an orphanage is USD $30.00 per month. This amount is calculated by taking the total cost for food, toiletries, housing, clothing, utilities, housemother wages and dividing it by the number of orphans; therefore, the money that is donated for an orphan sponsorship does not go directly to an individual child, instead, the money goes towards the costs of running the orphanage.

Please, join us in this life-changing mission by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship opportunities are open to Individuals, families, churches, organized groups/clubs, and corporate

Through your sponsorship, the child/children receive:


a. Shelter: a safe and comfortable place to call home, personal attention and adequate clothing
b. Nutrition: 3 nutritious meals daily, clean water
c. Education: school fees, uniform and school supplies. Your sponsorship will ensure your child stays in school longer than other   children of the same age.
d. Health: The health of the child you sponsor will be monitored and care will be provided, as needed. Children receive regular checkups and medical care, and are taught about hygiene and how to maintain their personal health.
e. Social development: The child you support will attend church regularly, receive occasional Gift and take part in guided recreational activities such as special outings, sports etc

 Through your sponsorship you will receive:

·         A unique bond between beneficiary and benefactor

·         Annual photo and status updates of sponsored children

·         Correspondence with sponsored children

In order to provide these services, each child requires a financial sponsor. $50 a month will allow you to share in the cost of supporting a child.

 Click here to select a child from the our children's page and send us a mail so that we can send you more information.