The home welcomes everybody (interested in volunteering, doing an internship for your studies, doing a long term or short term mission) and would like to offer their services to the project at any time all year round.

We provide a home stay program at a fee which gives volunteers the opportunity to stay in our home. interested person or groups need to inform us at least a month or earlier and receive an approval before coming.

a. For Domestic Volunteers: We welcome individuals and groups  to come whenever possible to Green Village Hope Children Centre.

b. For International Volunteers: We have accommodations available for you.

c. For those willing to do short ( ranging between 2 weeks to 2 months) or long term( above two months) missions to the home a small fee is charged.

Volunteer work typically involves:

  • Teaching the school going children and helping them to do their homework after school
  • keeping the children busy and organizing educational and recreational activities for them (games, art, music, crafts etc.)
  • Helping to keep the children’s home clean.
  • Helping with the administration work.
  • Basic chores such as cooking, washing of dishes, laundry, building structures etc.
  • Helping the children to learn common courtesies, moral education etc.
  • Making suggestions to the home manager for improvement

Please Contact us if you are interested in volunteering for more details. Kindly fill the Volunteer Application Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.