Green Village Hope Children Centre’s dream is to grow its facilities so that the Children can have a comfortable place to be well nurtured and transit well into the society.  We have several short term and long term projects which we would love to undertake, that will really help in running this Home even more efficiently for us to be able to achieve this dream.

Kindly feel free to take a look at them. You are also welcomed to donate towards any of these projects. Your contribution, whether great or small is totally significant and highly appreciate


If you would like to know more about any of our projects and a detailed breakdown of the building cost, please write directly to director(

This page will be updated regularly to keep our donors and supporters informed on the progress of this construction project.


Below is a list of past and present projects for 2016-2020.


1. Purchase of 1 acre Land – $10,000 – COMPLETED

We recently purchased a 1 acre property on which we plan to relocate the orphanage from the founder’s home but we are looking for a funding partner to help us fulfill this dream.


2. Construction of the Temporal Girls Dormitory (30th May 2017)( In progress)








 The dormitory is about to be completed. We still require funds for partitioning, finishing the toilet and bathroom,electrical wring and fixtures, and a water tank



3. Purchased 3.2 acres of land adjacent to the one we recently bought -$30,000 REQUIRED

The purchase of this land will give us more room for setting up a vegetable farm, green house, a cow shed and a play field for the children. With the farm we will be able to produce all the vegetables needed in the home.

4. Two Story Girls Dormitories  = $38,000      REQUIRED 

GVHCC plans to construct a  new dormitory block will house 50 children. The top floor will have a a dormitory, live–in matron’s room, bathrooms and showers.  The ground floor will consists of an office , a store, library and a common room. The children with have a spacious comfortable facility with electricity, easily accessible water, own beds and lockers.



5.Construction of Dining Hall/Kitchen – $42,000 – REQUIRED

Currently we do not have enough space during meals. The kids eat from the field during the day and squeeze in Mama Florence’s house  or along the corridor during the evening and rainy season.  A kitchen and dining hall will reduce the time taken to prepare meal, proper sanitation, and a more organized way of ensuring the children are well fed. The dining hall will also serve as a meeting hall for the children and for the community training projects.





6. Construction of Caretaker’s house – $2,000 REQUIRED

Resident staffs will offer a higher level of care to the orphanage. Our hope is to put up a caretaker's house so that apart from looking  after their physical, psychological, educational, mental and spiritual needs , they children will also live in a comfortable and safe environment.The caretaker will ensure all facilities and equipment are in their proper working condition. He will also assist in managing the farm. The construction will begin once funding is received

7. 4wd drive Van - $24,000 REQUIRED



The road leading to the orphanage is very rough and muddy, this makes it difficult for the children to go to school especially during the rainy season. A 4wd van will come in hand for transporting children to school, transporting foodstuff from the market, collecting donations and for emergencies e.g. medical. This will save up on our travel expenses.





8. Nursery school $10,000 REQUIRED

We also intend to put up a low cost nursery school as one of our sustainability project .The nursery capacity will be 60children. This will serve both the children from the home and the community. The fee payable will meet recurrent expenditure in support of the orphans at the orphanage and salary for the staff.



See the Summary Budget for the Projects


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