Currently our organization relies very heavily on donations, but  our goal is to one day become completely self-sufficient. Our hope is that we will be able to complete our day to day work without any external aid. We are taking a few steps to achieve this goal; we have started a number of income generating projects, and we are always thinking of new and innovative ideas to sustain our home!

1.Cattle Farm for Milk

We have two cows which produce enough milk for the children's consumption and the the surplus is sold to the community. The cow also produce calf that are grown to about a year and sold of to meet other cost like paying the Matron.





2.Free-range layers project.

In this area chicken is a delicacy and it was  traditionally and still is reserved for special visitors. This makes the demand for chicken meat high in this area. Our chickens are currently laying about 50 eggs per day. some are consumed in the children’s home and the  surplus is sold to the local community. Some of the eggs are also kept for breeding to keep the flock going.The older chickens are used for food and replaced by chicks, which can be raised up to lay eggs and keep the cycle going.





3. Vegetable  and Banana garden

We have small Vegetable garden at GVHCC, in which we  grow a variety of vegetables and banana stems.  This area generally has a good weather pattern which ensure we have vegetables all years round. This reduces the amount of money spent on food each month and also generates income as some of the vegetables are sold to the local community.




4. Bore hole 

Drilling of a borehole at the Green village compound to provide clean drinking water to the orphans, staff and members of the community. It will also save time as a lot of time is taken when the water is drawn from the well which about 1 km downhill. This will aslo benefit the community around the home.








5. Mini Water purifying plant

As one of its income generation activities, GVHCC intends to set up a mini water purification plant using a Reverse Osmosis water treatment System (to be purchased). The water will come directly from our own bore hole. Since GVHCC is situated close to Luanda market, there is a ready market for bottled water for travelers, and consumption in hotels.