Our current facility consists of this block of dormitory which has four rooms; two bedrooms for the children, one for the Matron a small common /study room and bathroom. Each of the kids’ rooms can accommodate 9 girls which totals to 18 girls. The boys stay in a single room situated next to Mama Florence‘s house.


The common room is very small to be used as a dining area so the kids take their meals from outside or along the corridor during rainy days. All meals are cooked from Mama Florence’s kitchen.

Once in a while the home runs a Saturday bible study and feeding program for kids, open to the community where the children are taught the word of God and also receive food and various donations.

Since its inception in March 2012, 22 children have discovered the security of having a place where they call home. They are now receiving three meals every day, education and most importantly, the love and care they deserve. The Home’s programs and activities provide an opportunity for the children to attend public schools, develop self-esteem, and experience trusting relationships with peers and adults. Our programs focus on enhancing each child’s ability to function successfully in society with attention to accountability and community safety. The children also attend a local church every Sunday.


The home also runs a few projects for sustainability. These include a cowshed where we keep two cow for milk, a free-range layers project and a small vegetable garden

We recently purchased a 1 acre property on which we plan to relocate the orphanage from the founder’s home but we are looking for a funding partner to help us fulfill this dream. See our projects page for more details.

We welcome you or your school or organization to be a parts of this historic moment by sponsoring a dormitory or utility room with naming rights. We are very grateful to our generous supporters, without whom we would not be here