Psalm 68:5
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
    is God in his holy dwelling


Green Village Hope Children's Centre Widows ministry  started concurrently with the children's ministry in 2012. In the course of visiting the OVCs , Pst Florence realized that the widows also needed support. Most of the widows were living in deplorable condition after loosing their husbands who were in most cases the sole breadwinner.

The widows were shouldered with the burden of meeting the basic needs and education their children. This became the genesis of this ministry. A few widows started meeting with Pst. Florence at her house to pray together , fellowship and for social support. At this gathering they also shared heart breaking stories of the struggles they were undergoing to put food on the table among other needs.  This led to Pst Florence deliberately going out her way to ensure some of their basic needs were met. This has group has since grown to a membership of  60 widows thus making it impossible for her to cater for their needs.


The goal of this ministry is to reach out to the widows and offer them spiritual, emotional, material, social and economical support to enable them to be able to stand on their own and meet their personal needs.

The widows are involved in various income generating activities ranging from table banking, selling vegetables/secondhand clothes at Luanda marketing , tailoring, farming and hiring out of chairs during functions in the village to help sustain themselves.

At Green village hope children centre these widows once in a while  get  a little support for them and their children in terms of clothing , food stuffs , bedding, shoes, stationery  etc depending on the donations ,we receive from friends and well wishers.

 We also have widows who are elderly , stay alone,frail  and sickly, and depend entirely on the project for support.

You are welcomed to be a part of this great ministry